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Cemil Gazel has started to produce milling machines and sub product 1995 and he established Gazel Milling factory has 7000 m² indoor area and 15000 m² open areas. In Corum industry zone Gazel Milling has got an experience staff and a wide customer portfolio of many European, Asian and African countries Especially France.

Why Gazel?

  • Best price - high quality,
  • Fast production and delivery,
  • Continuous customer satisfaction,
  • Tailor made sifter for special areas,
  • Experience staff,
  • Continuously renovating,
  • More than 1000 working sifter all around the globe.

Also in Turkey a is in collaboration with a lot of companies that are producing milling machines.

It has CE certificate as a demonstrate of production standards for increasing production and to produce at high standards.

I do not buy or sell any products that I do not believe it's quality.